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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

In the last week I have achieved the following:

Drank from a penis shaped straw
Planted hundreds of trees
Opened some gates
Manhandled a yabby
Hung out with a delicious dog
Half learnt a complicated card game
Covered my face in Vicks
Covered my face in Aeroguard
Dined in the worst bistro ever
Had a wee on a tree, thrice
Stalled a 4WD four times in front of the police in Yarrawonga
Witnessed a magic trick by a drunken old man in Yea
Saw an echidna on top of a hill
Patted a disgruntled goat
Drank 53 cups of weak Nescafe blend 43
Saw alpacas and sheep just having a chat
Screamed “go back to your hive and protect your queen you fucking cunts!!!” to a hill covered in bees
Got chased by a bee around a hill
Got stung by a bee on my head
Had a sting picked out of my braincase by Warwick
Lost two games of pool
Devoured a delicious beef and reef
Grew several neck testicles
Developed a large left bicep
Laughed all week long talking to a funny, funny man

It's been a good week.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Dublin, Belfast, Sheffield, Manchester and goodbye to London.

Well I'm home, and a lazy, lazy blogger. When I landed of the first things I said was "Isn't it amazing? I didn't get sick once!". Naturally this was followed by a week long head cold and topped off with a scorching case of gastro. Winner!

Here are some of the last shots from my trip.

Wild kids on a Saturday night eating their delicious corn in Dublin.

Belfast skinny latte - just add a teaspoon of Nescafe blend 43 and stir.

The future is now! Transport for London issuing a refund with coins taped to the letter.

Just a couple of CHAV's on Oxford Street.

Grace's poker face.

My poker face.

On the tubes with my lady.

Bronze Age in Sheffield.

Ladies who like old dead things and such.

The game with the ping pong ball and the drinking...

Two experts.

Here are some shots from the Fac 51/Hacienda exhibition we saw in Manchester. It was fab!

Oh my! It's NeilTennant talking to Johnny Marr at the Hacienda.

It turns out Tony Wilson had died just a few weeks before we saw the exhibit.

The Morrissey mosaic in Manchester.

So for now, the holidays are over and i'm back to my punishing 20 hour a week schedule of reality. Woe is me indeed!