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Monday, November 27, 2006

Missed me, my dear friends and blood thirsty Internet stalkers?

I’ve been looking after a friend’s house with no computer for two weeks, so I’ve been busy working on projects other than this blog. Sure – most of the projects revolve around cleaning up cat vomit and watching ‘Heathers’ on VHS, but I’ve been busy none the less.

Oh yes, I have truly been living the good life in West Brunswick. I love the super cheap bakery around the corner where everything is less than two dollars. I love the cheerful lady who works at the supermarket. Most of all I love staring into Stuart’s bathroom window over my back fence each night and recording each movement with minute detail. I love West Brunswick even though it’s about forty minutes drive from Sammy’s Charcoal Chicken in Eltham. Man alive do I love Sammy’s chicken rolls. I insist that my birthday cake next is made entirely out of them. Mark my words Hughes family, it will be a cold day in hell when I walk into your kitchen without a Sammy’s chicken roll in my hand.

But enough about chicken. Even though I’m back in suburban paradise™ for now, I’ll be back in West Brunswick in only a few short weeks. In December I’m moving into a nifty little share house with some other lady botanists. Waiting for me is a lovely big room with wooden floors, wooden blinds and a fireplace that you can’t put wood in because it doesn’t work.

Right now I’m looking after mum’s house until she gets back from her holiday, so I’m making the most of the place while I still can. Its just me for the early part of the evening, so I’m going to light a few scented candles, pour myself a vodka tonic, put Kenny G on the turntable and enjoy a nice romantic explosive decompression at 30,000 feet. Monday night is ‘Air Crash Investigation’ night! Whoopee!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Regretably bikesexual on a rainy Spring morning.

Why didn't I wear a raincoat?

...and why didn't Stuart?

The best part about housesitting is leaving all of your closed toe shoes somewhere else, resulting in your hooves freezing into solid red stumps after a fifteen minute bike ride in the rain.

Wasn't it thirty degrees the other day?

Friday, November 03, 2006

More fantasy tan nights.

The cold, dead eyes of the red eye reduced.

Papa Lazzaru and Aunt Jemima.

Faces of leaf evolution 2006 - making the Cookson Lab proud.

Me and Megatron Basketball's MVP 1980-2006, Steve Henderson.

Burning up with Rollergirl and Radiation therapy boy.

How to take a theme seriously.


Lou and Emma worked hard each day at the library...

...but often let their hair down at night.


A shout out to Steve Lewis.

This ones for you, Pops.